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Use Case: Overcoming Talent Sourcing Challenges with Remote Work Expansion

Overcoming Talent Sourcing Challenges with Remote Work Expansion

Our Client, a UK-based wealth management firm, faced an increasingly competitive local talent market. It looked to accelerate its competitive advantage by embracing the global talent pool. The strategic decision to incorporate remote work was driven by the increasingly competitive local market and the desire to attract specialized talent to support their growing initiatives.

However, their internal team was unfamiliar with sourcing talent internationally. The complexities of different time zones, international labour laws, cultural nuances, and locating passive candidates in these new markets presented a significant challenge.


eMFusion Global, with its proven expertise in international recruitment, was the perfect partner in this venture. Leveraging our broad experience and deep understanding of global markets, we were instrumental in helping our Client successfully navigate this unfamiliar territory.

We not only identified untapped talent sources, such as the often overlooked market in Spain but also effectively engaged passive candidates who perfectly fit the roles. Our ability to engage these candidates and effectively communicate the Client’s value proposition proved key in converting these passive prospects into interested applicants.

Our team navigated the intricate landscape of international hiring practices and labour laws, ensuring a seamless and compliant process.

The Outcome?

The Client successfully expanded its talent pool beyond geographical limitations, secured high-quality talent, and enhanced its competitive standing in the industry.

With our support, the Client made seven critical hires within three months, a 42% increase from their previous rate. The partnership with eMFusion Global underscored the pivotal role of a knowledgeable recruitment partner in effectively tapping into the global talent market.

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