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Use Case: The Transformational Power of RPO: A Real-World Success Story

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) transformational process

Acquiring the right talent is a cornerstone of success for any organization. However, managing an efficient and effective talent acquisition process can often be daunting. This was the predicament that our client, a FTSE250 global services company with its significant operations in Germany and the Netherlands.


The client’s internal recruitment team, based in the UK, were grappling with various obstacles, such as difficulty in sourcing quality local talent, capacity constraints, and poor internal communication. The resultant lack of trust within the organization regarding the recruitment process in Germany and the Netherlands was palpable, and it was obstructing the company’s ability to achieve its growth objectives.

Understanding the urgency and complexity of the challenge, we stepped in as the dedicated Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner specifically for Germany and the Netherlands. Our wealth of knowledge, extensive international recruitment background, and a firm grasp on technology recruitment made us the perfect fit to address the company’s regional recruitment woes.

eMFusion Global’s Solution:

The first step in our strategic approach was to communicate with each local hiring manager, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their unique issues and needs. This allowed us to build a strong rapport, fostering trust and aligning our recruitment strategies with the company’s specific regional needs.

We then initiated a regional end-to-end recruitment process, which spanned from candidate sourcing to onboarding. The process was meticulously planned, ensuring complete transparency and involving the client at every stage.

A standout feature of our solution was using market intelligence to offer guidance on competitive salary packages. This enabled the client to reestablish themselves as an attractive local employer, which significantly enhanced their ability to draw top-tier talent.

Additionally, we crafted a compelling Employer Value Proposition (EVP) that encapsulated the company’s unique strengths and offerings. An effective EVP was critical to differentiate the client in a competitive job market, enabling them to attract and retain the best talent.

The results were transformative.

The time-to-hire was drastically reduced, leading to greater operational efficiency. Additionally, cost-to-hire metrics improved significantly, leading to substantial cost savings. Within just one year, we quadrupled the regional placements, and the quality of hires was so high that candidate dropouts became almost non-existent.

Our intervention freed up the client’s internal teams to shift their focus from recruitment to new business acquisition – a strategic pivot that catalyzed the company’s growth trajectory.

This success story underscores the transformative potential of a well-implemented RPO solution. When businesses find themselves mired in recruitment challenges, an experienced and strategic RPO partner can become their strongest ally, driving improvements in both the quality and efficiency of their talent acquisition process.

If your organization is facing similar challenges, we’re here to help. Our experience with this FTSE250 Global Services Company is proof that the right RPO solution can revolutionize your talent acquisition process, paving the way for sustained success.

Connect with us today to discover how our bespoke RPO services can help you navigate your recruitment hurdles.

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