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Case Study: Managing Fixed Costs of Recruitment with Variable Talent Demand for Regulatory and Strategic Programs in Financial Services Firms


A prominent financial services firm in the US faced a specific challenge in its recruitment process. They had an internal recruitment team that managed their regular recruitment cycles efficiently. However, they faced difficulties in adapting to the variable talent demands associated with regulatory and strategic programs, which often necessitated specialized expertise on short notice.


The company sought a solution to align its recruitment costs more closely with the fluctuating talent requirements of these key regulatory and strategic programs. They wanted to keep their internal recruitment team focused on the regular recruitment cycles while a flexible, project-based approach was to be implemented for these specialized recruitment needs.


eMFusion Global was brought on board to address this challenge. We introduced our Project Staffing Outsourcing (Project RPO) model, designed to meet the variable talent demands associated with the company’s key programs. With our flexible staffing solutions, we scaled our recruitment activities up or down in real-time response to the client’s needs for these strategic projects.


Implementing the Project RPO model successfully addressed the company’s variable talent demands for its key regulatory and strategic programs. This allowed the internal recruitment team to focus on regular recruitment cycles without distraction or overextension. Meanwhile, the flexible recruitment model significantly reduced the fixed costs associated with recruiting for specialized roles and aligned recruitment expenses more closely with the firm’s business performance. This case is a testament to eMFusion Global’s commitment to tailoring recruitment models that match our client’s unique business requirements.

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