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How eMFusion Global aligned its Operating Model to best serve its clients.

Our CoFounder, a seasoned Programme Manager with over twenty years in Financial Services, understands the struggles of assembling efficient teams. That’s why at eMFusion Global, we’ve replaced traditional, frustrating recruitment processes with a transformative model that delivers prompt, effective results.

Our client-centric, agile recruitment is paired with a consultative approach, fostering a positive hiring experience for all parties involved. Our advisors build relationships with both employers and potential employees, adding value to every step of the hiring process.

Ensuring a rewarding experience for our consultants, they feel involved in a process they can influence, making it a win-win for everyone.

Trust eMFusion Global to accelerate your hiring, guarantee expertise, streamline processes, or elevate your brand. Contact us today to reach your recruitment goals faster and more efficiently.

eMFusion Agile Recruitment Operating Model
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Our clients derive value from eMFusion from the below eight key categories.  These categories, therefore, form the primary drivers for our service proposition and therefore operating model.

  • Time and Money: reduced time to hire and the impact on internal resources
  • Specialist Knowledge: ensure our staff are specialist recruiters in their fields
  • Process Improvement: often it is easier for an experienced third party to identify and help implement change
  • Peace of Mind: partnering to filter out anyone who is not the right fit upfront
  • Market Intel: we speak to a lot of candidates for a lot of clients
  • Interview Preparation: often overlooked and key to making sure time is not wasted
  • Finding the Best Candidates: we do not rely on job adverts; we actively search
  • Boosting Brand Recognition: a healthy recruitment experience equals a good reputation

Meeting the Challenge

We sought a business model where our specialist recruiters could focus on value creation for our Clients. So minimising time spent on administrative tasks such as tracking candidate status, job requisition, interview setup and business development. This allows them to truly understand our client’s needs, their market, and industry best practices.

In order to attain our goal promptly and reliably, we required an inventive strategy that could effectively maintain a high client focus and manage unpredictability. Drawing upon the project management experience I had amassed, we constructed an agile recruitment model from scratch and harnessed Six Sigma methodologies for the ongoing reduction of waste in our processes.

How does it work?

Our agile recruiting team operates in a similar manner to agile software teams, emphasising speed and adaptability in unpredictable conditions. We adopted a customer-centric approach, focusing on delivering high-quality results, supporting key priorities, and maintaining the agility to alter course in line with client demands.

The objectives of our agile recruiting are to:

  • Focus on priority items
  • Limit work in progress
  • Provide visibility daily to the team & clients
  • Measure performance
  • Predict future performance
  • Innovate & pivot at a moment's notice

The model consists of four key elements:

  • The Recruiting Scrum Team, built as a cross-functional team with all the skills necessary to complete any backlog item (talent requestion), focused on executing and delivering 2-5-day sprint cycles.
  • The Recruiting Scrum Master, a certified agile coach who facilitates the daily scrum rituals and retros, execution, prioritisation of the client demand backlog and shields the team from interruptions during the sprint.
  • The Product Owner, responsible for representing our client voice on the backlog and setting the priority of each requisition
  • Technology, a backbone to connect the candidates with client demand pipelines as a backlog feeding a Kanban board, visualise work in progress, capture data points and integrate with external and internal communications services (e-mail, SMS, Social)

Our Agile Model empowers us to: concentrate on key tasks during sprints, maintain real-time awareness of statuses and activities, be cognisant of the impression of the product or business we are recruiting for, and offer instantaneous visibility and accountability to our clients.

Data aids us in rapidly determining the difficulty of finding and attracting specific skills, understanding talent supply and demand, the attractiveness of a location, viewing historical velocity, and promptly pinpointing obstacles.

Culture. The Agile Model reduces dependence on conventional recruitment performance indicators (KPIs), enabling our consultants to dedicate their time to actual value creation. We can keep our team small, specialised, client-focused, and cooperative. We are committed to driving our company growth in alignment with our clients.


Clients of eMFusion Global are reaping the rewards of our proficiency in swiftly sourcing hard-to-find specialists, conducting much of the preliminary selection processes, aiding their internal teams with time-consuming specialist roles and high-volume demands, and providing real-time feedback on status, strategies, and their target labour market.

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