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How eMFusion Global aligned its Operating Model to best serve its clients.

Our founder and Executive Director, a consultant Programme Manager with over twenty years of experience in Financial Services, has seen first hand the challenges organisations face when it comes to building effective delivery teams.

We understand that the traditional recruitment process can be time-consuming, frustrating and often leads to less-than-ideal outcomes. That’s why we decided to create a new operating model that addresses these issues.

Our agile recruitment model is built around the client and is designed to deliver results quickly and effectively.

We understand that the hiring process is not just about filling a position, but about creating a positive hiring experience for all involved. That’s why we have decided to take a more consultative approach to recruitment. Our consultative approach allows us to develop a relationship with both the hiring manager and the candidate, providing value to both sides of the recruiting equation. This can help us to become a valued member of the hiring managers inner circle.

We also ensure that our candidates have a positive experience by communicating effectively with them during phone screenings and interviews, discussing their motivations and concerns about the role.

This approach not only benefits the client and the candidate, but it is also more fulfilling for our consultants as they feel engaged in a process in which they have influence over and a high degree of responsibility for.

With eMFusion Global, you can be assured that our agile recruitment model, along with our consultative approach, will provide you with the best possible outcome. Whether you are looking to reduce time to hire, ensure specialist knowledge, improve processes, or boost your brand recognition, we are here to help.

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Leo McKeague

Author: Leo McKeague | Executive Director & Founder

We started eMFusion Global with a desire to make life easier for Hiring Managers and Recruitment folks alike whilst helping companies achieve their ambitions.


I was a consultant Programme Manager for over twenty years in Financial Services, responsible for spinning up and saving change initiatives to deliver results.  People are the critical resource, and building delivery teams quickly and effectively was always paramount.  With varying degrees of difficulty, every organisation I was at, and there were a few, had the same challenges.  Aside from budget and politics, the hiring process was always one of them.

I spent too much time reviewing resumes, attending interviews and onboarding people.  My client was essentially paying my team and senior resources to focus our time on these elements.  Something was wrong.

When we started eMFusion Global, we had the goal of improving the process, to get this right and help our clients get the best value from their recruitment model.

Our clients derive value from eMFusion from the below eight key categories.  These categories, therefore, form the primary drivers for our service proposition and therefore operating model.

  • Time and Money: reduced time to hire and the impact on internal resources
  • Specialist Knowledge: ensure our staff are specialist recruiters in their fields
  • Process Improvement: often it is easier for an experienced third party to identify and help implement change
  • Peace of Mind: partnering to filter out anyone who is not the right fit upfront
  • Market Intel: we speak to a lot of candidates for a lot of clients
  • Interview Preparation: often overlooked and key to making sure time is not wasted
  • Finding the Best Candidates: we do not rely on job adverts; we actively search
  • Boosting Brand Recognition: a healthy recruitment experience equals a good reputation

Meeting the Challenge

For our Business Model to work, we want our specialist recruiters focused on value creation with as little time and effort on non-value add items such as Admin: candidate status, job requisition tracking, interview set up etc.  Which allows them to focus on truly understanding our clients and their requirements, the market they serve and best practices.

We needed a sophisticated, innovative approach to achieve our goal successfully, with speed and reliability, whilst dealing with unpredictability. 

Disruption and Innovation in the talent acquisition model was the core driver needed to enable this transformation.  Having one of our founding partners from a lengthy background in Project Management, we looked to established project management methodologies and created an agile recruiting model.  Additionally, we continuously look to Six Sigma toolsets to eliminate waste in our processes.

How does it work?

The Agile recruiting team is structured to operate with speed and manage unpredictability in a similar way agile software teams build software. We took a customer-focused approach, motivated on the highest quality output, supported key priorities, and provided the ability to change direction and pivot with client demand.

The goals of our agile recruiting are to:

  • Focus on priority items
  • Limit work in progress
  • Provide visibility daily to the team & clients
  • Measure performance
  • Predict future performance
  • Innovate & pivot at a moment's notice

The model consists of four key elements:

  • The Recruiting Scrum Team, built as a cross-functional team with all the skills necessary to complete any backlog item (talent requestion), focused on executing and delivering 2-5-day sprint cycles.
  • The Recruiting Scrum Master, a certified agile coach who facilitates the daily scrum rituals and retros, execution, prioritisation of the client demand backlog and shields the team from interruptions during the sprint.
  • The Product Owner, responsible for representing our client voice on the backlog and setting the priority of each requisition
  • Technology, a backbone to connect the candidates with client demand pipelines as a backlog feeding a Kanban board, visualise work in progress, capture data points and integrate with external and internal communications services (e-mail, SMS, Social)

Our Agile Model allows us to: focus on priority items during sprints, be consistently aware of real-time statuses and activities, be mindful of the perception of the product or business we are hiring for and provide up to the minute visibility and accountability to our clients. 

Data helps us quickly determine how difficult it will be to find and attract certain skill sets, understand the talent supply and demand, the desirability of a location, see historical velocity, and quickly identify blockages.

Culture.  The Agile Model removes the reliance on traditional recruitment performance indicators (KPIs), focusing our consultants time on actual value creation.  We can keep our team small and specialised, focused on the client with a collaborative mindset.  As a collective, we are focused on driving our company growth in line with our clients.


eMFusion Global clients are realising the benefits of our ability to source the hard-to-find specialists quickly, complete much of the upfront selection processes, help their internal teams with the time-consuming specialist roles and high-volume spikes, and give up to the minute feedback on status, strategies, and their target labour market.

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