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Welcome to eMFusion Global, your trusted partner for sourcing top talent worldwide in the Banking, Finance, and Wealth Management sectors. With a deep understanding of the unique staffing challenges in these sectors, we provide specialised off-cycle staffing services to meet your comprehensive operational needs across front, middle, and back-office positions.

Our expertise is concentrated in four key areas, each designed to ensure the best fit for your organisation's staffing requirements.

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Wealth Management Jobs

Wealth and Asset Management

Our wealth and asset management division is dedicated to finding top talent for our clients. We have a strong track record of executing successful executive searches and recruitment efforts for a wide range of roles, including:

  • Investment Directors, Wealth Managers, Private Client Advisors
  • Equity and Fixed Income Analysts, Investment Strategists, Portfolio Managers
  • Investment Consultants, Stockbrokers, Financial Planners, Pension Specialists.

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect our clients with the most qualified and experienced candidates in the wealth and asset management field, to help them achieve their business objectives.

Corporate & Investment Banking

We're proud to work with a diverse range of clients, including Bulge Bracket, Second Tier, and Boutique Banks. We specialize in sourcing the most highly qualified individuals across a variety of specialities, such as:

Investment Banking & CapMarkets:

  • Advisory and M&A teams, as well as Sector and Country Investment Banking groups
  • ECM and Broking, Financial Sponsors, Leveraged and Acquisition Finance, DCM, and Restructuring

Corporate Banking:

  • Managing Directors and Heads of Origination, Heads of Corporate Banking and Financial Institution Departments
  • Relationship Managers, Senior Business Developers, and Credit Analysts

Our team is dedicated to finding the best candidates for our clients, and we are committed to delivering exceptional results.

Executive Search & Recruitment Advisory
Private Equity Jobs

Private Equity & Specialist

Our Private Equity & Specialist team is a prominent provider of recruitment services for firms in the private equity, venture capital, and alternative asset space.

We specialise in attracting top talent from Bulge Bracket, Boutique, and Investment firms to Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Quantitative Trading Platform providers, Exchanges, Sovereign Wealth, Commodity Trading Houses, and companies within the Digital Asset & Blockchain ecosystem.

We understand the unique skills and experience required for success in these sectors, and we have a proven track record of successfully connecting the top industry professionals with these exciting opportunities. Our team of experienced recruiters are dedicated to providing superior service and results for our clients

Compliance and Risk

Our Compliance and Risk team provides recruitment services to prominent financial institutions in the Banking and Financial Services market. We assist these organisations in building out essential infrastructure functions, such as:

Compliance, Financial Crime, Market Risk, Credit Risk, Operational Risk, Enterprise Risk, Quants and beyond.

We know the importance of having a robust compliance and risk management function for financial institutions, and we are dedicated to helping our clients find the best candidates for these critical roles. Our team have a deep understanding of the skills, qualifications, and experience needed for success in these positions.

Compliance and Risk Jobs

what our clients love

Customised Strategies

We specialise in developing tailored strategies that effectively identify and present the most fitting staffing solutions for your organisation. Embrace our bespoke approach and unlock the power of precision staffing solutions.

Flexible Terms & Direct Access

Partner with eMFusion and enjoy direct access to our business owners, ensuring swift decision-making and communication. Our streamlined governance structure empowers us to rapidly understand and respond to your needs, delivering efficient and timely bespoke solutions.

Confidentiality & Exclusivity

Secure and retain your competitive edge through our confidential and exclusive hiring process. We prioritize discretion and confidentiality to safeguard your interests. Our streamlined approach focuses on presenting you with a select few top-tier candidates, guaranteeing an efficient and seamless experience. Trust us to deliver exceptional talent while minimizing the time and effort required on your end.

Industry Expertise

Harness our extensive experience within the Financial Services industry to align with your executive objectives seamlessly. We possess a keen ability to identify trends, leverage our extensive network, and understand the cultural nuances that drive success. Our expertise empowers you to secure top-tier talent, enabling your organisation to achieve its strategic goals with utmost precision.

Speed & Efficiency

We recognize the importance of promptly filling critical roles, and our streamlined approach guarantees minimal time-to-fill, enabling your firm to maintain its momentum. Rely on us to swiftly connect you with pre-vetted, exceptional talent, ensuring a right-first-time approach. With our rigorous candidate screening process, you can trust that we deliver top-tier professionals who are ready to make an immediate impact.

Dedicated Service

At our core, we thrive in building meaningful relationships. By maintaining small and dedicated client teams, we prioritise quality and foster a deep understanding of your company culture, objectives, and the specific roles you aim to fulfil.

Passive Candidate Outreach

Diversify your talent pool by tapping into passive candidates who possess exceptional skills and experience but may not actively seek new opportunities. Through our proactive approach, we uncover hidden gems that may not be accessible through traditional job advertisements. Expand your horizons and connect with exceptional professionals who can bring valuable insights to your organization.

Ferociously Earnest

We take immense pride in our commitment to honesty and transparency. If we identify market saturation, an unattainable price point, or any obstacles in your interview or onboarding process that may impede your ability to secure top talent, we will promptly bring it to your attention. We fully comprehend the time-sensitive nature of talent acquisition, and we refuse to squander your precious time. Rely on eMFusion Global for candid conversations and early notifications, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

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