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Hiring the right talent first time is critical in start-up and scaling companies. A significant amount of time and resources on finding the correct person puts a heavy burden on smaller companies. Company culture is crucial.  FinTech's often want to hire people from the traditional banking or insurance world for their knowledge, yet many of these people are the wrong fit culturally and struggle to adapt to life in a start-up.

We focus on people who thrive in the Fintech environment.  We help our partners find the right talent to grow their company.

We act as an extension of your corporate brand throughout all projects and processes. We take pride in finding the individuals that will thrive within your business.

We source talented people who have the right skills and experience and the right cultural fit to ensure your immediate needs and long-term success.

We keep our dedicated client teams small and quality-focused, ensuring we deeply understand the role and your company.  We work with internal teams to target 3-5 CVs per position, 48-hour soft target, and anticipate our client to interview 2-3 candidates and offer on the first pass.

We generally do not advertise jobs instead focusing on actively approaching our existing network and passive candidates.  Our clients usually like to limit the volume to a few prime candidates on an exclusive basis.

We do not advertise many of our roles on LinkedIn or job boards. We are a search firm that specialises in recruiting executives and other senior personnel for our client companies in Financial Services. We are involved throughout the hiring process, conducting detailed interviews, and presenting candidates selectively only when we feel the candidate meets all stated requirements and would fit into the culture of our Client Partners. We have long-lasting relationships with clients, and as such, the suitability of candidates is paramount. Leo McKeague, Executive Director

We Have 40 Years Combined Experience in Consulting and Global Recruitment

We Grow With Our Clients

We are fully invested in our Clients growth story because our growth depends on it.  We always act with integrity to look after the candidates and your reputation in the market.

Subject Matter Experts

We continuously study our specialist areas to staying at the forefront of the market trends and news, far beyond the roles that we are working on at any one time.  We continually draw on our detailed industry knowledge, long-standing experience and these current market trends, to deliver bespoke advice to help clients and candidates.

Client Focussed

We only work with a select group of Clients researching all our client needs rigorously, carefully matching the right candidate. We aim to offer the finest partnerships possible, whether that’s permanent, contract, specialist or freelance.

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We Build Teams

Value per skilled worker is increasing exponentially, Real Growth requires the right Talent. We find the right people who understand your goals and culture, work collaboratively, and understand how to get results in the global FinTech Industry. 

We can source all levels and skills across the market and take great pride in our ability to specialise in a few critical areas, including RegTech and Delivery Management.

“The central event of the twentieth century is the overthrow of matter. In technology, economics, and the politics of nations, wealth in the form of physical resources is steadily declining in value and significance. The powers of mind are everywhere ascendant over the brute force of things.” George Gilder (technology thinker)


All the right talent in one place

All the right talent in one place

Sales, Business Development & Strategy

People who can help set the direction of travel and acquire and nurture your Clients. Proven in building good working relationships, understanding your clients' needs, researching the market and related products and presenting your product or service favourably and in a structured professional way.

Programme Management & PMO

People who know how to set up and manage the right Governance and Stakeholder Management Frameworks. Proactively monitoring its progress, resolving issues and initiating appropriate corrective action. Supervision of both the dependencies and the interfaces between projects and managing risks to the programme's successful outcome.

Project Management

People who know how to develop a detailed plan, execute and monitor with people management skills are a must; we combine this with subject-matter experience and stakeholder management to offer you, exceptional candidates.

Business & IT Architects

We source individuals proven to understand the company needs to define the operating model and system specifications with a hands-on ability to plan and design a structured solution.

Business Analysts

The bridge between the business SMEs and the delivery teams. A good understanding of the business, exceptional analytical skills and the ability to think strategically and not simply a scribe. We find BAs with strong core skills and specialist experience.

Product Owners

Responsible for maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the Development Team. A profound understanding of the value of each requirement. We source individuals with exceptional experience.

Technical Leads & Developers

We have spent years sourcing technical teams that understand the core technology, the SDLC, and have proven experience with enterprise and vendor applications.

QA Testing Managers & Test Execution

Our QA candidates have robust analytical skills, strong attention to detail, good verbal and written communication skills. Automated testing is increasingly becoming the norm; good automated test analysts are critical; we can source them.

Business Readiness: Trainers and Deployment Experts

Users need to be trained, procedures need to be agreed and rolled out, staffing plans aligned, and managers reassured. If done well, this will inform the success of the initiative. We know the core skills needed and how to find these people.



We research all our projects rigorously, carefully matching the right candidate to the right client. Our aim is to offer the finest partnerships possible, whether that’s permanent, contract, specialist or freelance.

With our extensive experience in specialist recruitment, we can tailor bespoke recruitment solutions for both Clients and Candidates.  Our expert approach allows us to work with our clients agreeing on the best recruitment methodology for each client and vacancy.

Reactive recruitment on a role by role requirement basis, competing with your other external suppliers. We will act as your employer brand ambassador and supply qualified profiles for every open position shared with us. Managing interview processes and contract negotiations if required.

Contingency Recruitment


When there are several hires required within a specific area, we can work as an extension of your internal recruitment team. Generally, this would be 4 or more hires required within 1 or 2 business units

Exclusive Project Based Recruitment


Senior hires only. In the retained search model eMFusion will deep dive into your specific requirements, build a project plan and agree a strategy with your business. Short lists of fully qualified candidates will be provided within a specified timeframe, with agreed minimum numbers of profiles per vacancy. Interview processes will be managed and candidate’s handheld through contract negotiations and offer stage prior to being handed over to your onboarding team.

Retained Search Recruitment


We can set up and manage both inhouse and external recruitment teams to manage your entire recruitment process globally – this involves a flat fee structure per vacancy and significantly reduces overall recruitment costs.

Resource Process Outsourcing


We offer hands-on Professional Service Consulting. We work with our clients to deliver collaborative project delivery management for technology and business change requirements. Project delivery via interims or teams under a Statement of Work (SOW)

Project Partnering Recruitment


Our knowledge goes beyond finding the right skills for your teams. We can also help with your CLM Strategy, Project Governance and HR Growth Strategy 

Advisory Consulting




As a Group, we understand the need for consistency and resilience within a highly competitive market.  We offer risk-free value for money that improves business margins and works effectively when a company is looking for rapid growth.

  • Our team members have supported international recruitment projects for over 20 years, offering unparalleled insight into the sector, allowing us to hit the ground running.
  • Currently, we have a combined 39 years of experience within Financial Services &  IT/Technology recruitment.
  • We always act as an extension of your employer brand and will be ambassadors for your business.
  • Our staff members are paid well and incentivised to achieve their best to a level that competitors are unable to match.
  • We have a very low turnover of staff due to our investment in their needs both within their career and on a personal level.
  • We reward and highlight achievement whenever possible.
  • We identify and address any training needs rapidly.
  • We do not rotate staff on projects as this has a detrimental effect on clients and our business as a whole
  • All staff members are supported fully by all other team members within the business as a whole
  • Rapidly scalable and flexible to work in partnership with your needs
  • We effectively get paid on results and performance, and it is therefore within our interests to deliver on everything
  • All our team members have a high sense of commercial/business awareness and are driven to support a clients’ business in their growth – if the client grows, our business should grow with it hand in hand. A win-win scenario.
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