Outsourced Project Resource Management


Your Partnerin Project Resource Planning and Execution

At eMFusion Consulting, we are your dedicated ally for outsourced project resources and sourcing management. Our experts meticulously craft end-to-end plans to recruit, manage, and optimise resources tailored to your unique project needs. With eMFusion as your partner, you gain seamless execution and optimal outcomes.

Exclusive Project Based Recruitment

Our Outsourced Services

Our outsourced project resource management services include identifying resource needs, recruiting top talent, managing resources, and ensuring optimal utilisation throughout each project stage. We become your dedicated project resource management team.

Build Your Dream Team

Build Your Dream Team

Our project staffing management services build your ideal team to match project needs. We handle resource planning, role definition, customised recruiting, onboarding, management, and offboarding. Clients experience an average 32% increase in project team productivity.

Optimise Your Resource Investment

Optimise Your Resource Investment

Our workforce planning and pricing services optimise your project resource investment strategy. We define staffing timelines, create cost models, analyse spend, negotiate rates, and provide ongoing optimisation. Clients reduce project labour costs by an average of 22% while improving output.

Access the Best Global Talent

Access the Best Global Talent

Our project talent acquisition partnership gives you access to the top 1% of specialised global talent. We utilise a network of elite resources to find candidates with the exact skills and experience your project demands. Our clients fill roles 50% faster compared to traditional recruiting methods.

Additional Benefits of Outsourcing with eMFusion

Resource Planning

We create customised resource plans tailored to your critical projects, reducing overhead for project managers by 35%. Our adaptable approach allows rapid realignment as needs change.

Enhanced Efficiency

We fill project roles 42% faster than traditional recruiting, assembling high-performance teams with ideal skill sets.

Improved Cost Management

Our workforce optimisation reduces project labour costs by 18% on average, freeing up budget.

Single-Source Provider

Lower costs with us as your dedicated project service provider, minimizing recruitment overheads.

Faster Project Delivery

With tailored resource plans and expert resources in place from day one, we accelerate execution by 29% on average.

Specialised Expertise

Our team has over 15 years of average experience in your industry, and provides ready access to deep industry knowledge and networks.

Our Engagement Process: From Concept to Success

Objective: To deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end project resource plan, optimised for seamless execution. This plan ensures timely integration of resources and facilitates efficient roll-off when necessary, aligning perfectly with specific project demands.

Consultation & Objective Setting

Understand your project's requirements and collaboratively establish clear goals.
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Step 01

Customised Planning

Design a bespoke delivery model tailored to your project's demands.
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Step 02

Team Assembly

Handpick a dedicated team of professionals from our network for optimal expertise.
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Step 03


Implement the Resource Plan, monitoring progress and adapting for best results.
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Our Head of Practice

Leo McKeague

Leo McKeague

With 20 years of experience spanning roles from Business Analyst to Project Manager and, ultimately, Programme Director, I've been at the forefront of delivering strategic and regulatory digital transformation initiatives. I understand intimately the intricate dynamics and unique requirements that effective change teams require. At EmFusion Global, our strength lies in this deep understanding. Over the last three years, we've built a solid reputation as a trusted staffing solutions provider. We leverage my extensive experience and our team of skilled recruiters to tailor solutions specifically designed to meet your specific objectives.

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