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We bring skilled people and companies together.

When we started eMFusion Global, we had the goal of improving the recruitment process, getting this right and helping our clients get the best value from their recruitment model.

Our unceasing mission is to make the lives of our clients as easy as possible to find and hire the best people and build lasting relationships with our candidates throughout their careers.

How do we do this for you?

We have built our Operating Model from the ground up to ensure our client-orientated consultants are focused on client requirements and understanding their markets.

Our small, dedicated executive search teams know their markets and have extensive networks. They understand our clients' objectives and actively find and then rigorously vet candidates before sending a handful of good options.

Clients depend on us to meet hiring demand spikes, specialist role acquisition, new territory penetration, and recruitment process improvement.

Executive Search & Recruitment Advisory

We are a client-orientated Executive Search & Advisory firm

Our in-house experienced executive search specialists ensure our clients have unrivalled access to a global talent network.

Through our unique perspective of being former practitioners, we source talented people who have the right skills, experience and cultural fit to ensure your immediate needs and long-term success quickly and efficiently.

We combine our deep functional expertise in recruitment sales, marketing, and pricing management to help you develop a practical, pragmatic, and tailored go-to-market talent strategy.

By focusing on our client’s values and business strategy, we are committed to bringing the highest calibre of the individual to each executive search.

Leo McKeague

Leo McKeague | Executive Director & co-Founder of eMFusion Global

I was a consultant Programme Manager for over twenty years in Financial Services, responsible for spinning up and saving change initiatives to deliver results.  People are the critical resource, and building delivery teams quickly and effectively was always paramount.  With varying degrees of difficulty, every organisation I was at, and there were a few, had the same challenges.  Aside from budget and politics, the hiring process was always one of them. I spent too much time reviewing resumes, attending interviews and onboarding people.  My client was essentially paying my team and senior resources to focus our time on these elements.  Something was wrong. When we started eMFusion Global, we had the goal of improving the process, getting this right and helping our clients get the best value from their recruitment model.

FinTech Clients

We help our FinTech Clients with specialist skills, new markets and building talented teams.

Consultant Clients

We help our Consultancy Clients with specialist skills and capacity management.

Financial Services Clients

We help our Financial Services Clients with specialist skills and covert searches.

Technology Clients

We source top quality technical talent. From Java Devs to Systems Architects.

Job Seekers

We look to help our Candidates build a long-term rewarding career in Financial Services.

Executive Search & Recruitment Advisory

what our clients love

Executive Search & Recruitment Advisory

Flexible Terms

You have direct access to the business owners, and we do not have long or multiple layers of internal governance, so we can quickly respond commercially to your immediate needs.

Executive Search & Recruitment Advisory

Rapid Turnaround

We work with internal teams to target 3-5 CVs per position, 72-hour soft target, and anticipate our client to interview 2-3 candidates and offer on the first or second pass.

Executive Search & Recruitment Advisory

Return on Investment

Our in-depth understanding of the talent market, your culture, and your marketplace enables us to deliver good quality candidates rapidly. This reduces internal overheads and increases your ability to achieve your objectives.

Executive Search & Recruitment Advisory

Outcome Oriented

We understand our business activities and seek continuous improvement. We involve all employees and engage our clients. ‘Change For Better’ is in our DNA, and this search for the best makes our team more equipped to deliver value to you, the client.

Executive Search & Recruitment Advisory

Dedicated Service

We understand that each and every client engagement is unique. We are in the relationship business. We keep our dedicated client teams small and quality-focused, ensuring we deeply understand your company culture, objectives, and roles you are seeking to fulfil.

Executive Search & Recruitment Advisory

Ferociously Earnest

If a market is saturated and your price point is undeliverable, your interview or onboarding process is against you securing the right talent, or we cannot deliver? We will tell it to you straight and early.

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