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eMFusion specialists help companies navigate the challenges of scaling through people, process, technology, change management and the power of network collaboration.

We help leaders transform their companies into product category leaders, desirable acquisition or IPO candidates.

Our mission at eMFusion is to become the specialist growth partner to a select group of solution providers and their clients globally.

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eMFusion are specialists in helping companies scale through people, process, technology and network collaboration.  Together with our partners, we can help you achieve your growth ambitions. 

We can help develop a practical and pragmatic go-to-market strategy; combine our deep functional expertise in sales, marketing, pricing and product management; and tackle the critical organisational issues (including salesforce mobilisation, change management and team growth) essential to making sure you achieve and sustain outstanding results. 

We have an in-house team of executive search specialists that ensure our clients have unrivalled access to a global talent network.


Scaling can make or break your business

Regulatory and technological developments are changing the nature of financial markets, services and institutions.  FinTech impacts every area of the global financial system.  This represents substantial new opportunities for FinTech start-ups.

Every day the FinTech marketplace continues to grow exponentially due to new ideas and technologies shaped by new fintech companies, innovations by traditional financial sector participants, and innovations by companies that did not start out as financial services providers such as Big Tech.

Innovators are drawn to the FinTech opportunity at an increasing scale due to increased readily available funding and consumer demand for disruptive solutions. 

Because of that, the vendor landscape increasingly crowded and sell-side and buy-side clients facing a growing array of choices.

The start-up leader has an array of new challenges, do they have a viable product, how do they differentiate themselves from the rest of the market, how do they operate in a highly regulated industry.  And once they have established a foothold, how do they transition successfully from start-up to scale-up?

eMFusion Global is here to help.


A Full Range of Scaling Solutions

We realise our mission through our clients. It is essential that we consistently deliver value to our clients, understand their success drivers and demonstrate consistency and resilience within our highly competitive market.
Clients achieve the results they want through our in-house expertise and access to our expanding network of best-of-breed partners and thought leaders who provide specialised services and capabilities.



Leo McKeague

Leo McKeague

Programme Director & CLM SME

A Program Director with 20+ years of experience in delivering enterprise-wide regulatory and strategic change programmes in Financial Markets. Demonstrated capability in recruiting, building, leading and motivating teams of high-performing professionals.

Peter Murtough

Peter Murtough

Recruitment Entrepreneur

A successful recruitment entrepreneur taking start-ups to fully-fledged multi-nationals. Lead high growth teams internationally, grown internal talent teams and delivered major RPO projects for FTSE100 companies across IT & Technology.

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